LiquidNano Product Information

What comes inside your LiquidNano Kit

One Screen Cleaner Sachet

One LiquidNano Coating Sachet

One Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

One Instruction/Warranty Card


There's Nothing Else Like LiquidNano On The Market

Fits Any Device

LiquidNano can be applied to any mobile device and will deliver the same level of protection to each.

 Easy To Apply

LiquidNano is easily applied by rubbing on the liquid coating using an impregnated cloth.

 Completely Invisible

Once applied LiquidNano is invisible adding no additional bulk to your mobile device.

 100% Bubble Free

LiquidNano goes on 100% bubble free. No messy film or bulky case to distort what you're reading.

 Shatter Resistant

LiquidNano provides high impact protection from any and all unexpected accidents.

 Scratch Resistant

Scratching due to general wear and tear is dramatically reduced when LiquidNano is applied.

 Water Resistant

LiquidNano provides a fantastic layer of protection where water, oil, and dirt just roll off.

 Lasts 2 Years

LiquidNano is highly durable and will last the lifetime (2 years) of most devices under regular use.

LiquidNano introduces The World's Best Liquid Screen Protector for all Mobile Your Devices.
No more bubbly, crooked screen protector and shatter prone tempered glass protectors. LiquidNano provides so many better qualities and you won't even know its there.

- 100% Bubble Free, leaves no smear marks, and Invisible 
- Antibacterial & Germ Free
- Hydrophobic & Water Splash Repellent
- Extra Tough Coating & Scratch Resistant
- A clear screen without any residue
- Single Coating Lasts Up to 2 Years

Everything you need to make your phone or tablet screen scratch resistant

Nano Technology

The Nano Technology in LiquidNano is scratch resistant, impact resistant and water resistant. With the Invisible features of LiquidNano there is no bulky screen protector making it possible to put your phone in any case. The world’s toughest grade nanotechnology. Extra tough coating, stronger than traditional screen protectors.

Protect Any Device

LiquidNano can be applied to all kinds of screens and glass, Not only your phones, cover your watch, tablet, GPS, computer screen. The list is endless.
Don’t risk your smartphone, tablet or Smart Watch screen get covered by LiquidNano today

Package Contains

1 X Glass cleaning cloth to clean your screen; 1 X LiquidNano Nano coating cloth providing you the invisible liquid screen protector; 1 X Anti Static Microfibre cloth used for buffing the screen after application

No Hassle Guarantee

Try LiquidNano and eliminate the need for ill-fitting screen protectors! With zero hassle, LiquidNano will protect your mobile devices and on your smartphone we will give you a $100 replacement warranty at no cost! 

*$100 Screen Replacement Warranty applies to US purchases and is for Smartphone devices only. Any International purchases of this kit will receive the non-warranty product.



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