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What is LiquidNano?

LiquidNano is a super durable, completely transparent liquid screen glass protector for all your mobile devices, sunglasses and windscreens. It bonds to the glass of your device offering greatly enhanced scratch, moisture and impact resistance.

What sets LiquidNano Apart?

Longevity and impact resistance are what set us apart. Our product is a true Nano product, and most other products are "Macro" products claiming to be Nano.

Is LiquidNano Universal?

LiquidNano will work on all types of phones, sunglasses and windscreens regardless of brand or model, as long as you're treating the glass. Any tablet, any smartphone, any smart watch, any sunglasses and any windscreen can be treated.

Does applying LiquidNano make my screen unbreakable?

No, LiquidNano does not make your display absolutely unbreakable. When there’s a severe force or blow, especially if it’s to the edge of a screen, then it’s still possible for damage to occur. LiquidNano will make the screen significantly stronger and more resilient to damage from most normal impacts though.


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