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Introducing the World's Best Liquid Glass Protector

Invisible Liquid Glass Coating makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to crack or scratch your screen.


Once applied LiquidNano Bonds to screen glass at the molecular level, Increasing screen Strength up to 10x

Wipe-on pads are easy to apply and work in minutes

Safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic

Each purchase includes a FREE $100 Screen Replacement Warranty2

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Today manufacturers are concerned with Look, Speed & Performance.

Not Screen Strength.

For those seeking to Avoid Costly Screen Repairs or are currently Dissatisfied with conventional plastic or glass screen protectors. LiquidNano Creates a Shatterproof Resistant Shield. Simply wipe the solution onto your device (allow to cure for 30 minutes) and you are good to go.

LiquidNano fits on any Phone, Tablet, ANY mobile device screen.

LiquidNano is 1/500th the thickness of a human hair, you wont even know it's there.

Keeps your screen beautiful — no bubbly screen protector!

Save Your Phone Now!

LiquidNano Coated vs Uncoated Phones

The Benefits of a COATED Phone Screen compared to an UNCOATED SCREEN:

LiquidNano Coated Screens will gain shatter resistant qualities

LiquidNano Coated Screens will prevent scratches from basic wear and tear

LiquidNano Coated Screens will allow water and oil to roll off the screen keeping them cleaner

The average cost to fix a cracked smartphone screen is $169.00! LiquidNano sells for as low as $22.49, that's an 87% savings! Why risk it?

There's Nothing Else Like LiquidNano On The Market

LiquidNano can be applied to any mobile device and will deliver the same level of protection to each.

LiquidNano is easily applied by rubbing on the liquid coating using an impregnated cloth.

Once applied LiquidNano is invisible adding no additional bulk to your mobile device.

LiquidNano goes on 100% bubble free. No messy film or bulky case to distort what you're reading.

LiquidNano provides high impact protection from any and all unexpected accidents.

Scratching due to general wear and tear is dramatically reduced when LiquidNano is applied.

LiquidNano provides a fantastic layer of protection where water, oil, and dirt just roll off.

LiquidNano is highly durable and will last the lifetime (2 years) of most devices under regular use.

Using LiquidNano Is Fast & Simple — Anyone Can Do It!

Step 1

Thoroughly scrub all glass surfaces with the cleaner wipe (supplied) and allow the device to dry.

Step 2

In a circular motion, apply LiquidNano (supplied) to all glass surfaces. Apply until wipe feels dry.

Step 3

Allow LiquidNano to dry for at least 30 minutes. For best results allow the surface to dry overnight.

Step 4

Once LiquidNano has cured; remove all excess residue with the microfiber towel (supplied).

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LiquidNano Warranty — $100 Replacement Guarantee

To Register your FREE $100 Screen Replacement Warranty for your smartphone simply:

Visit our Warranty page at

Enter the 15 Digit Activation Code Contained inside your kit

Provide Required Customer and Device Information

Thats it! Now Enjoy the Extra $100 Screen Protection

LiquidNano 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The only person who really knows if you have what you need is you. Our 30-Day money-back guarantee means you can tell us within 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with your LiquidNano product. We’ll refund everything you paid, minus shipping fees (we can’t refund those because they are charged by third parties,). Refund Policy available here.

199¢ Shipping only applies to orders in the USA.
2$100 Screen Replacement Warranty applies to US purchases for 1 year and is for Smartphone devices only. All International purchases will receive the non-warranty product.

LiquidNano is Completely Assembled Here in the USA Providing our customers only the Best!



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